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Bone augmentation

We pay great attention to regenerative technology and bone grafting.

Bone grafting, mucosal and soft tissue grafting is a frequent manipulation at the BioDent clinic.

Different versions of bone plastic are used during implantation or as a separate operation in the case when preliminary preparation is needed before implantation, with extensive defects of the jaw as a result of prolonged absence of teeth, injuries or, for example, after tooth extraction.

In our clinic we perform:

  • 3D bone grafting by the method of prof. F Khoury (Germany) for extensive defects of the jaw.
  • operations to increase bone volume, using the most modern and safe bone biomaterials
  • sinus-lifting operations (lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus), including minimally traumatic.
  • Immediate implant installation immediately after tooth extraction, including immediate temporary prosthetics
  • plastic surgery of gums and closing naked teeth necks for a better aesthetics and reducing the increased tooth sensitivity.

Gum grafting operations are used quite widely during implantation – in this case, mucosal grafting is necessary to form an optimal profile, aesthetics in the frontal zone, to prevent the development of complications associated with the occurrence of a periodontal pocket and for a stable long-term prognosis. Mucoplasty is a mandatory manipulation for periodontal diseases, for gum recession (when the gum drops, exposing the root of the tooth). Also, gum repair is used for patients with a gingival smile, when the gum is excessively visible during a conversation or smile.

At BioDent Clinic, we pay great attention to regenerative technologies, mucosal grafting and bone grafting. This is one of the factors that sets us apart from most other clinics, we are exclusively for a comprehensive approach to patient rehabilitation.