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CEREC- full ceramic crown in a single visit

CAD / CAM Cerec system – a device for aesthetic ceramic restorations for making inlays, crowns,bridges and veneers in one visit.

Exclusive decision – the restoration of posterior teeth using the ceramic restorations: crowns and inlays.

In one visit you can also make not only the detached crowns and bridge constructions.

The absence of uncomfortable stage of impression taking is especially true for patients suffering from high gag reflex. Thanks Cerec OmniCam in the mouth we get a three-dimensional “cast of teeth.” The doctor on the screen simulates a future restoration or dental bridge. The future crown or inlay are grinding from whole-block of ceramic to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter. A wide range of colors allows you to create restorations are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth of the patient.

Ceramic crowns in a single visit are made in one day thanks to the coordinated teamwork of a doctor and technician, a digital protocol and a digital dental laboratory. Dental prosthetics in one day has become a reality and we at BioDent Clinic are actively using this technique. This approach is extremely convenient for patients – there is no need to expect work within a week from the dental laboratory, there is no need to transport casts across the city, all these factors affect the accuracy and predictability of the final result, and we reduced these risks to nothing.

Advantages of CEREC-full ceramic crown in a single visit technology:

Saving time
– All prosthetics carried out per one visit.

– Computer technologies allow to create exact design that is securely anchored to prepared tooth.

Perfect contact between your teeth
– Eliminates the risk of secondary caries.

The structure of the inlay material (high quality porcelain)
– As close as possible to the structure of tooth enamel.

Ceramic tab is not only stronger, but also on the order more aesthetic of any fillings
– In addition, it does not form plaque, and it does not irritate the gums.