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Extraction of teeth. Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth

When a wisdom tooth is unable to erupt or push through into the mouth, it is referred to as an impacted wisdom tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth may be fully embedded in the jawbone or may be partially exposed into the mouth. Proper evaluation by our doctors is the best way to avoid wisdom tooth troubles.

If your wisdom teeth are sideways, impacted, or otherwise considered problematic, they will likely require removal to prevent problems in the future.

How is the procedure of examination and tooth extraction of “wisdom” in the clinic “Biodent”?

To determine the need and tactics of removing the wisdom tooth, it is necessary to examine the patient and the oral cavity. All patients undergo an X-ray examination “panoramic image” and, if necessary, 3D computer tomography, which allows to plan tooth extraction as accurately as possible and reduce the risk of complications.Tooth extraction is performed using STA computer anesthesia, which allows not only to carry out the intervention completely painlessly, but also significantly reduce the patient’s discomfort after surgery. Complex removal of wisdom teeth is carried out using an ultrasound surgical unit, which can significantly reduce trauma during surgery. After tooth extraction, we use a Sirona Syrolaser Blue diode laser for disinfection, which significantly reduces postoperative edema and reduces healing. For better healing, we use a collagen cone and soluble suture material in the hole of the extracted tooth, which prevents food and infection from entering the hole and avoids the unpleasant procedure of removing stitchesThe patient receives in the clinic all the necessary set of drugs for the postoperative period (antibiotics according to indications, analgesics, sterile tampons, etc.) If necessary, our experts will conduct a postoperative follow-up examination and answer all your questions.