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Ceramic veneers

Esthetic prosthetics is reproduction of natural harmony of smile, which considers external factors (proportions of the face) and internal (intraoral) ones (a combination of pink and white aesthetics).

Dental clinic BioDent offers you a number of methods for restoration of the dentition, which allow achieving excellent aesthetic effect with different problems: change of the color and shape of teeth, absence of one or more teeth with violation integrity of the dental arch, closing gaps between teeth, etc.

Basis of the aesthetic prosthetic is the use of micro constructions from non-metal ceramics: inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns and bridges. In our clinic, we use the material of only one firm, that is ‘Ivoclar Vivadent’. It is the world leader in the production of ceramics for dentistry. Exactly this ceramics has the properties (color, abrasion, fluorescence, etc.) that are the closest to the natural tooth enamel, which is very important both for us and for patients.

A unique service is that all the teeth, except for some contraindications, we do have each individually, correspond exactly to the natural beginning. We do not use doubtful techniques that are in clinical trials for less than 5 years. All the materials and methods we use are the ones tested by experience and time.

For the minimum visits we provide high functional and aesthetic result for their personalized in each individual case, accurate diagnosis and planning before starting.

We will help you correct defects and transform your smile in just a few visits, because modern digital protocols are used to make ceramic veneers at BioDent Clinic. During the manufacturing of veneers from morning till night a highly qualified technician works exclusively on your smile, analyzing a series of photographs from different angles, digital prints, face scans. At the planning stage of your smile, you will receive a digital model of future veneers, which will be transferred to the oral cavity to the teeth using special materials, and only after approving the shape and position of the future teeth, we proceed with all other manipulations, which means that you fully participate in each stage and personally control all changes.