Modern technology in dentistry

SiroLaser Blue (Germany)
for patients, the use of a laser means a reduction of postoperative pain, and therefore a reduced need for medication.

Gendex GXDP-700 3D (USA)
is a modern device that is used to obtain a 3D-tomography, high-quality images with minimal impact on the patient.

TRIOS 3shape (Denmark)
is the latest generation of high-precision multi-functional intraoral scanner.

3D-Printer Rapidshape Straumann (Switzerland)
is a new generation 3D printer for fast and professional manufacturing of surgical templates, models, and dental products.

ZEISS EXTARO 300 (Germany)

is a dental microscope that makes work more comfortable and provides more effective treatment.

Cerec Omnicam (Germany)
is an intraoral scanner with software for high-quality scanning and accurate modelling of crowns, veneers, and incrustations by a dentist.

Sinius (Germany)

is a premium universal dental chair with perfect blend of comfort and efciency.

XIOS XG Supreme (Germany)

is a radiovisiograph with a wi-fi module to obtain intraoral images.

ComputerTech anesthesia STA (USA)
is a computerized anaesthetic delivery system, anaesthesia in the area of one tooth.

T-scan® (USA)
is a digital occlusal analysis system.

Dentsply Sirona Heliodent Plus (Germany)
is an intraoral X-ray unit with a minimum radiation dose during the exposure.

Acteon PIEZOTOME 2 (France)
is a modern surgical device for bone surgery.

Gutta-Smart Cordless Obturation (Germany)

is a cordless obturation system for 3D root canal obturation.

Arcus Digma (Germany)
is a digital facial arch for determination of the position of the jaws and individual parameters.

NEWTRON P5 XS / Satelec Acteon (France)
is an ultrasound device for gentle and effective removal of plaque and calculus.

ImplantMED SI-923 / LED (Austria)
Comprehensive treatment of oral problems from drilling to dental implants placement.

MELAtherm MELAG (Germany)

is a thermal washer disinfector.

Vacuklav 24 B + MELAG (Germany)


СEREC MC XL Sirona (Germany)
is a unique system with which ceramic crowns or fillings are made in one visit.

Programat P510
is a kiln for firing ceramic materials Ivoclar Vivadent (Germany)