Our work before and after

1. Complex prosthetic. Ceramic veneers. Ceramic crowns in the lateral areas.

portfolio 1

2. Complex prosthetic with ceramic veneers by technologies CEREC in the frontal teeth. Zirconium crowns and bridges in the lateral teeth.

portfolio 2

3. Extraction of teeth. Installation of two removable dentures. The dentures was made before extraction. It is preparing stage for installation of implants by protocol All-on-6 in upper and lower jaw.

portfolio 3

4. Installation of implants, replacing missing teeth. Esthetic prosthetic. Zirconium crowns BLEACH. Hollywood smile.

portfolio 4

5. Ceramic veneers BLEACH by technologies CEREC one jaw in one day.

portfolio 5

6. Dental hygiene. Endodontic retreatment. Build up of teeth. Changing of old fillings. Zirconium crowns.

portfolio 6

7. Fabrication and fixation the zirconium crowns and bridges on upper jaw.

portfolio 7

8. Complex prothetic of teeth. Full Bite Reconstruction. Zirconium crowns and bridges.

portfolio 8

9. 3D planning. Manufactruing of surgical template. Extraction of teeth number 12,11,22. Immideate placement of implants. Bone augmentation. Gingival grafting. Changing of the old fillings. 3D modeling. Manufacturing the zirconium crowns and veneers on the all teeth.

portfolio 9

10. Changing of the all old fillings. Gingival plastic in the frontal area. Installation of implants in the lateral regions. Complex prosthetics with ceramic veneers.

portfolio 10

11. Installation of implants. Changing old fillings. Diastema closure. Full bite reconstruction. Complex esthetic prosthetics. Zirconium crowns.

portfolio 11

12. Extraction of teeth. Manufacturing of 2 removable dentures. Installation after extraction. 3D planning. Implantation of the 6 implants on the both of jaws with surgical template. Immediate fixed temporary prostheses on implants. Manufacturing and fixation zirconium bridges with titan bar.

portfolio 12

13.Changing old fillings, preparing stage for esthetic prosthetic. Installation of implants. Full bite reconstruction Diastema closure. Zirconia bridges, ceramic crowns and veneers.

portfolio 13

14. Complex esthetic prosthetic with full bite reconstruction. Zirconium crowns.

portfolio 14

15. Full reconstruction upper jaw. Removing old crowns. Changing old fillings. Implantation. Zirconium crowns and bridges on the own teeth and implants.

portfolio 15

16. 3D planing. Extraction of teeth in upper jaw. Installation of implants with surgical template with immediately fixation of permanent bridge from grafen with titan bar. Reconstruction teeth of the lower jaw with zirkonium crown and bridges.

portfolio 16

17. Full reconstruction of upper and lower jaw. Changing old fillings. Root canal treatment. Prepairing for the prosthetic. 3D planning and modeling. Installation of implants. Zirconium crowns and bridges on the own teeth. Screw retained crowns from zirconia on the implants.

portfolio 17

18. Changing old metal crowns on the zirconium crowns.

portfolio 18

19. Zirconium crowns on the front teeth.

portfolio 19