Dental implants

Implants are placed in order to restore missing teeth and roots in order to keep their normal functioning and create an attractive appearance. Implant is a mini-dowel, aimed to replace the tooth root. It’s placed in the jaw, where in a short time the jawbone firmly fuses with the implant. On this artificial root, depending upon your wishes and your individual peculiarities, we attach crowns, bridges or dentures and thus we’re restoring normal operation and natural appearance of your teeth.

Dental implant has a number of benefits: it gives much more natural feeling in the mouth than the classic dentures, completely excluding the feeling of discomfort and sense of “foreign body”, and the reliability of its fastening allows eat any food. With implants there is no need for resurfacing healthy teeth and bone atrophy does not appear as it often happens in the absence of teeth.

We are using dental implants made by famous leading German companies. We have a wide range of implants made of bioinert (biocompatible) materials most favorably tolerated by human organism –– titanium or zirconium.

Dental implantation with surgical template
Surgical template – this device by means of which formed a place for prosthesis in a strictly defined position inside the jaw. Surgical templates are: drawing on the teeth, on the oral mucosa, drawing on the teeth and mucous membranes, and building on the bone.

We offer our patients the installation of dental implants of any degree of complexity. The practice of installing implants without incisions that patients are so afraid of is also practiced. The success of the incision-free implantation technique is based on high-quality and accurate comprehensive diagnostics, which includes CT scan, scanning the oral cavity with an intraoral scanner, manufacturing of surgical templates for accurate, quick and painless implantation without cuts. Another great advantage of implantation without incisions is the shortest healing time, patients do not feel discomfort after implantation.

So, how to begin implantation? First of all, with a survey of the jaws on computed tomography (CT). Next, three dimensional analysis of the bone by the computer program, where the doctor doing simulation implants in the jaw, carefully positioning them in relation to the anatomical structures in relation to the future of the prosthesis. After that is produced surgical templat, which carries all the information about the three-dimensional position of the implants in the jaw. Surgical template is applied directly to the mucous membrane and through the holes in the template is being installed the implant without cutting mucosa. Immediately after implantation can put prefabricated temporary or permanent prosthesis.