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Dental Hygiene

One of the main reasons for dental disease is plaque on teeth. Tooth plaque itself is not dangerous, but with time flow it turns into a solidified layer between the tooth surface and the edge of the gums, generating process of tooth decay and gum disease. It gradually leads to destruction of teeth and gum damage, thus developing caries and causes inflammation of the gingival margin, developing periodontitis. Dental hygiene will help you to get rid of these promlems.

Your teeth health depends not only on regular every day care for your teeth but on professional teeth cleaning made by our specialists with the help of highly effective hygienic products, dental machines and special devices.

That is why our wellness program presupposes not only your personal daily dental hygiene but includes overall examination of your teeth with the following extraction of dental plaque off the tooth and gum, deep and intense cleaning of all tooth surfaces especially in out-of-the-way spaces between teeth. During the dental hygiene we thoroughly polish your teeth to make them smooth, get rid of microcracks and microdefects in order to exclude causes of destruction processes and make your teeth smooth, of natural colour with soft shimmering.

We recommend repeating wellness course within the program every six months in order to prevent dental disease.

In each case, we select the individual action during the dental hygiene for prevention. Following our recommendations on this issue you will be able to avert many dental problems.

Besides the extensive advice we give you on your personal oral hygiene, our oral wellness program also comprises the intensive professional cleaning of your teeth. Studies have shown that professional dental hygiene procedure is advisable every six months for healthy teeth and every three months for teeth afflicted with periodontal disease. Upon request, we can also make arrangements at shorter intervals to polish your teeth and give them back a smooth surface and their white shine after we have removed the stains resulting from tea, coffee and smoking.