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Zirconium crowns and bridges

Dental Clinic BioDent offers CAD / CAM zirconium crowns. In connection with the acquisition of new equipment milling of zirconia in СAD / CAM became possible. Work is performed by method of computer simulation, with subsequent sending files for milling of zirconium and ceramic blocks. Zirconium oxide avoids the use of metal and metallic alloys in the mouth. Zirconium construction are accurate, more aesthetic and have no effect on the surrounding tissue.

According to this technology ceramic inlays and onlays are manufactured. They do not have the same erasability as an own tooth and at the same time reliably restore the lost dental tissues, protecting the tooth from further damage and caries.

Advantages of Zirconium Crowns:

1. Gentle tooth preparation for the zirconium crown and bridges is the basis for a long tooth life.

2. Biocompatible, do not cause allergic reactions.

3. The gum in the installation area of the zirconium crown and bridges does not change color and looks natural.

4. High aesthetics of the material.

5. Zircon has an ideal white color and the properties of the natural surface of the tooth: dullness, translucency, light transmission and gloss.

6. Zircon crowns and bridges look very natural and do not change colors for many years.

7. Suitable for creating bridges for several teeth.

8. Zirconium crowns with their strength are quite lightweight, therefore, do not create an excessive load on the supporting teeth when installing a bridge.

9. Zirconium crowns can be installed on teeth that have changed color, in such cases, ordinary ceramics passes strong pigment, which is evident even through the crown. This does not happen with zirconium crowns – this is an ideal material if it is necessary to block pigmented tooth tissues.

10. The presence of our own laboratory allows us to produce zirconium crowns and zirconium bridges within 2 working days.

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